Monday, 16 June 2014

This is a new blog, set up to show wild flowers around Jersey, where you can find them, and background information on them.

Locations will be placed in labels, so if you want to easily find all the wildflowers relating to a particular location, just click on the label.

There may be multiple blog postings relating to one label.

My knowledge of wild flowers is minimal and I am indebted to Jeff Hathaway for helping me identify the various flowers. However, any mistakes on this blog are mine, and not his, and I will correct them as soon as I am able!

I hope you enjoy this new venture, which is a learning curve for me, and also something I think fills a gap both for locals and tourists.

I am aware of good books on the subject of Jersey wild flowers, but I wanted an easily accessible, online, and free resource.

I will also be starting a shared Facebook album on which users can post photos of wild flowers, some of which may be reposted here.


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